Technical requirements for online training

Technical equipment

To connect to the training a current office computer with an internet connection is sufficient, The recommended connection speed is 5 Mb for downloading and uploading data.
We recommend using headphones for uninterrupted listening and higher volume. You can also use your computer speakers.


Web browser

You can use Chrome , Firefox , Microsoft Edge or Safari web browsers to participate in the LiveWebinar online training.


To test your computer before the training, you can use the test you can find here here.


Mobile devices

For mobile device users a web browser connection is available on your phone or tablet. For example Chrome and Safari browsers are available. 


Firewall settings (for IT staff)

For the proper functioning of the online training in the LiveWebinar system please set your firewall as follows:

  1. Enable WWW traffic using Secure HTTP (HTTPS) - for the training landing page or training registration page.

  2. Enable TCP protocol (secured via TLS) on port 443. This is used to connect to the communication server, transfer chat, etc.

  3. Enable UDP protocol (secured via TLS) on ports 443, 3478, 5349. Used to transfer multimedia streams (audio and video stream of tutor).

  4. Add the following address to the DNS whitelist: *

For more information, see the Optimal Firewall Configuration